Tipping Trailers

There are three types in this range.
The K744T, K844T and K85ST tip at an angle and are therefore suitable to drive on a ride-on mower, farm quad, golf cart etc.. These trailers are also suitable for any general use where the ability to tip the trailer is handy.

K744T Tipper spacer

Tipping Mechanism
A spring loaded hi-tensile 25mm diameter pin holds the deck while in the travelling mode. When drawn out, the deck can be lifted by hand to the tipped position and will remain there. The weight you manually lift is only a small proportion of the load.

Load Rail
An added feature is the load rail on both sides of the tippers.

K744T Description
K85ST Tipper
K85ST Description
KC844T Tipper
K844T Description
KC95 Tipper
KC95 Description
Available with either a hydraulic hand pump
or 12 volt electric, on remote pendant