Kea Trailer Features

  1. Sub chassis mainly 450 Grade box sections
  2. All frames hot dip galvanised
  3. Trojan galvanised taper roller bearing hubs
  4. Trojan galvanised lever coupling
  5. 'A' Frame drawbars on all road models
  6. Aluminium or galvanised steel side panels
  7. Maintenance free aluminium treadplate decks
  8. If timber deck is required, we fit marine ply
  9. New radial tyres on all heavy duty road models
  10. Road trailer wheels balanced for smooth towing
  11. Galvanised wheel rims on all heavy duty models
  12. Galvanised 4 stud ATV rims on farmbike trailers
  13. 4 Ply rated 22/11/8 and 25/12/9 ATV trailer tyres
  14. A single pressed sheet aluminium treadplate forms the deck and sides on all 'X', 'T' and heavy duty tandem models
  15. Full Length Guard farmbike trailers have the full length guards, sides and deck made out of a One pressed sheet aluminium treadplate (no joins)
  16. Tandems have compensating axle suspension
  17. All leaf spring suspensions are nylon bushed
  18. Road models are fitted with a 4500Kg breaking load high tensile chain
  19. Stainless steel 'D' shackles with a breaking load of 4100Kg on all road models
  20. Trailer lamps are fitted in a pressed steel lipped channel for protection
  21. Heavy duty lipped mudguards braced front and rear
  22. Light cable runs mainly inside box sections and is protected by rubber grommets at point of entry
  23. A plug holder is fitted to protect the light plug when the trailer is not in use
  24. A skid plate is fitted to protect the coupling and bolts
  25. Sales and backup service from over 80 Dealers in New Zealand from Kaitaia to Invercargill
  26. Kea Equipment is a member of The NZ Motor Trade Association
  27. Kea Equipment has a Quality Assurance Policy
  28. Kea have been leaders in light trailer design for the last 18 years