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Vents / Windows / Doors

Below is just a sample of the wide range of Vents / Windows / Doors that White Heather has for your needs, for more details please contact us.

These are the old style caravan window stays. Deluxe Outer 71-016 & Standard Outer 71-015. Deluxe Inner 71-026 & Standard Inner 71-025.
This is NZ most popular caravan & motorhome door lock, made of black polypropylene. Cut out size 92mm. Exterior handle 102mm x 102mm. Interior 116mm x 55mm. Door thickness up to 39mm.
Clip turnbuckle.
This door holder is made of white nylon. Base length 65mm. Base width 30mm. Height interlocked 43mm.
This is a white nylon adjustable door holder. Base length Female 67mm Male 57mm. Width of base 25mm. Height interlocked 40mm.
These are the locking pegs for old style caravan windows. Available in standard or deluxe.
Jensen hinge assembly (plastic hinge) replacement. Available in smoke only.
This is a 14" x 14" replacement vent lid for an old elixer cover prior to 1964. It has a metal tube like hinge. Available in either white or smoke. (SA1048)
260 deg opening. For Sprite caravans.
Tee key
Normal cleaning products can damage plastic, reducing its lifespan. VuPlex was designed for use aviation industry and delivers a fast, safe and effective solution to plastic maintenance. Also available in 455ml #P16010.
Horse shoe shape vent cover.
Caravan locking pegs for older model vans. Eg: Sprite.
This replacement window stay kit consists of 1 locking slide 1 rivit 1 bracket & 1 cap. Available in standard 71-075K & also the 71-076K deluxe model. You need to look at the bracket to tell which is which, standard has a line up centre of bracket.

Complete lock assembly, in right or left hand hinged.Consists of Barrel assy & keys, Outer trim assy. Main lock. Remote latch assy. Strike. Hook catch. Catch pins. (LEFT HAND #000475)

The perfect combination super high flow fresh air ventilation & a swing open top for easy cleaning. Low profile design has vents on 3 sides, has 30% more open vent area than a traditional vent cover. Leave your vent open when you are away from your RV rain or shine.

Top hinged window with telescopic arms. Excellent double glazed thermal insulation eliminates condensation. Has intergrated blind & flyscreen. Comes in various sizes, rangeing from 500W x 300Hmm to 1450W x 700Hmm.
Door Lock

Round face. 90 deg rotation. Diameter 19mm length 19mm.
This is a chrome plated exterior handle which comes with keys. It measures: 48mm high and the hole centres 45mm. You can also get a non locking one..
Chrome plated exterior T handle. Measures 52mm high. Hole centres 44mm.
Recessed exterior handle. Lockable from inside and outside. Dead bolt for extra security. Die cast, zinc alloy with a white powder coat finish.
Zinc plated body with black plastic handle. Measures 70 x 85mm.
Zinc Plated Steel. Measures 58 x 76mm.

Ventline & new elixer replacement vent lid from 1964 on. Metal hinge replacement. Available in either white or smoke.

Durable ABS plastic. Keep baggage compartments open while loading & unloading for easy access. Easily mounted directly onto RV.
This is a 12v LED light entrance door grab handle. It measures 500mm long.
Metal Vent

This vent comes in 3 sizes, (cut out) Small 200mm x 105mm & Medium 225mm x 170mm & Large 280mm x 205mm. The lid is rigid & ring for easy pull closure. The unique coil spring action gives positive hold in open & closed position. Has one piece aluminium pressure die-cast flange & sponge rubber weather seal.
Roof Vent

This is a replacement vent lid for models VTE14JMSA, VTE14JMSA2 & VTE14JW. Also available in smoke part # VTE14JLS.
This vent has 4 way tilt & opening. It measures 360mm x 320mm. Projection from roof when closed is 76mm. Also available in 280mm x 280mm.
280mm x 280mm 4 way tilt & full opening roof vent. Has a white lid & mesh.
Elixir lid. For vent: VTE14PF
This Hatch is waterproof and has adjustable flaps that open on all sides with flyscreens that are easily removed for cleaning. 720mmx720mm external. 660mmx660mm cut out
Black polycoat pressed steel top.
This vent has a powder coated metal frame with a smoked coloured plastic dome. It has an easy to operate crank handle and weather stips for positve seal.354 x 354 cut out hole.
This new design rotay vent is designed with increased aerodynamics of up to 25%. Manufactured from high grade plastic. Corrosion resistant stainless steel centre shaft. Ideal for animal transport vehicles, buses, RVs.
Standard Elixir lid.For vents: VTE14PSA & VTE14PSA2
14 x 14 vent with 12v fan on plastic frame and smoked coloured plastic dome. Dome positional at any angle.
Plastic frame and lid vent with wire gauze screen. Easy to operate crank, positions dome at any angle and has weather strip for positive seal. Cut out hole 360 x 360.
Vent lid.
Off white plastic. Cut out size: 235mm X 235mm. Wire gauze screen. Easy to operate crank opening mechanism.
Specifically designed for recreational vehicle use. Two types available non powered or fitted with an efficient 12 volt fan complette with switch. Screw mounted. Manual crank dome lift. 35.5 x 35.5cm. Fits standard 14 x 14 hole. Suits roof thickness of 25 to 50mm. Made in USA.
Available in clear and white. cut out hole size 39cm x 39cm depth of 2.5cm to 5.0cm
Roof Vent 600X600mm

Suits Liteweight and many older style caravans.
Roof Vent 650x650mm

This is an angled designed lid that would suit liteweight and many older styled Caravans.
Roof Vent Dometic

Large double glazed roof vent offering more light & air and protection against extreme weather conditions. includes an integrated fly screen and blind. It has three ventilation positions.Cut out size 960 x 655mm.
Double glazed, aerodynamically shaped dome, fixed ventilation, even when closed, integrated fly screen and blind, opens in three positions.700 x 500mm - roof thickness 25 - 65mm.
Double Glazed, aerodynamically shaped dome, opens in three positions. The inner frame incorporates an integrated fly screen and blind. Cut out hole 400 x 400mm.
Roof Vent Fan Blade

Fan Blade for roof vent with fan.
Roof Vent Fan Motor

12V motor for Jensen vent.
Roof Vent Inner

This inner vent assy is made to go with the UESRV11W rotary vent. You will also need the 1.6mm rubber sealing gasket part # UESRV-GASKET.
This inside control vent measures 160 x 130 x 5cm. It is white.
Roof Vent Kit

This vent installation kit should be used when installing a new vent to help make it weather tight. Comes with 8ft roll of putty tape, 24 x8 x 1" slotted hex screws, 4 x 6 x 1/2" phillips screws.
Roof Vent Shade

Prevent light from shining into your RV sleeping quarters at night. Easily mounts to ceiling and retracts into the space efficient housing to allow light inside during the day. The durable and lightweight vinyls reflective finish reflects heat to keep RV cool.
Roof Vent Winder

Butterfly handle for roof vents.
Winder handle for Jensen vent.
Winding mechanism for 14 x 14 roof vents.
Smart Solar

This durable solar powered ventilator has many venting applications. Auto/off switch. Easy to install - wire free.

Unique die cast single lock operates both the main door & the screen door together as a single operation, or as seperate units.

This is a white metal louvered vent. Comes in a wide range of sizes right up to 400x400.

This is a teardrop shape plastic vent and it extract air even when vehicle is stationary.
Window Controller

Wind out window control box large left hand.
This is a windout window control box. It is to fit large right hand side. Also available left hand side large.
Wind out window control box small left hand.
Wind out window control box small right hand.
Wind out window corner insert.
Wind out window end plug.
Wind out window link box.
Wind out window slide lock and lever.
Wind out window winder handle.