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Below is just a sample of the wide range of Refrigeration that White Heather has for your needs, for more details please contact us.


AES series absorption fridge. Operated on 12 volts 240 volts & gas. Gas operation with battery powered ignition. Thermostatic control for 12volt 240 volt & gas. Fridge 105 litres & freezer 15 litres.
This absorption fridge has fridge capacity of 133 litres & freezer capacity of 15 litres. It runs on either 12 volts 240 volts or gas. It has battery powered ignition.
12v 240v Gas. Gas flue kit included. Wide metal flange fro built-in application. No exterior skin, reversible door. Top controls, tilt insensitive. Freezer: 3.7L

No space left to accommodate a refigerator? You will find a suitable place for the Draw Fridge. This appliance turn unused nooks and crannies into a practical cold store. Smoothly runs on roller bearing slides, a single movement of your hand and the drawer unlocks to deliver cool snacks and drinks in abundance. 12 or 24 Volts and suitable for solar operation.
The Waeco CoolMatic CR range of refrigerators were awarded in 2006 the DAME Design Awards at METS, Amsterdams world leading trade show. Waeco have conbined the best of both worlds, timeless elegence and innovative features for extra comfort and convenience. This fridge comes in four different sizes.
This is a heavy duty Universal Fast Charge Kit, suitable for all WAECO Kompressor fridge/freezers. Highly recommended for faster charging and as trouble free replacement for standard vehicle cigarette lighter sockets, which are often inadequate to properly run fridges due to thin wiring and associated voltage drops. One kit does all.
A Universal Low voltage protector integrated in the supply cable, for 12V applications with cigarette lighter socket as output. Enables automatic cut off as low battery voltage and cut in at normal voltage, status indicated by LEDs.Use with Waeco coolers.