RV Parts & Accessories


Below is just a sample of the wide range of RV plumbing equipment that White Heather has for your needs, for more details please contact us.

Chevron, high impact black plastic. 43 litre. Outlet 31mm. Inlet 16mm. Height 180mm x 330mm wide x 760mm long. Used on lightweight CI Munro, Alpha etc caravans.
Fiamma 23 Litre. Practical and portable waste water tank with total discharge cap. Compact size fits through normal vehicle doors. Colour grey. Dimensions 50 cm long x 33 cm wide x 24 cm deep. 3 kgs empty
Lockable water filler. Dimensions 150 x 165mm.
This inline water pump filter has a hose tail fitting. Fits Shurflo pumps 2088 & 4000 Extreme Series. Also available with threaded ends - male/female #800-00300
200gram tub. An effective remedy for water tainting problems. Cleans & deoderizes fresh water systems. Treats approx 180 litres.

Shut off valve 25mm.

This is a stainless steel elbow wall mount shower head support. Measures 10cm long x 6cm wide at base. hose gap at head is 3cm across. Also available straight #003987
Matches C400 Series Classic Foldaway Basin #003579 & Classic Foldaway Basin. Measures: 555 H x 665 W x 125 mm D. Has 4 half width adjustable shelves & 2 glass mirror doors on the front.
Space-saving fold-away basin with self-draining basin, constructed from ABS plastic. Strong & durable, easy to clean. White. Compatible width with Thetford cassette toilet. 810mm x 668mm.
This kit includes showerhead, wall mount, 60" flex hose. Enjoy longer showers with the ergonomically designed handheld showerhead. Convenient on/off switch allows you to pause the flow of water while shampooing greatly reducing the amount of water used. 4 spray patterns to choose from.
The Utopia external shower is lockable, has clear acrylic hot/cold water knobs and a 1 metre hose.
Coast To Coast

Easy to install, has gauges for 2 fresh water & 1 grey water tank. Battery level indicator & has pump switch.

We stock these pumps for vets for pumping lube, they have found them ideal as they are a robust hand pump. A simple & convenient solution to changing oil,especially on engines with inaccessible drain plugs. The copper tube fits in your dipstick making oil changes fast & clean. The pump can also be fitted with standard fittings for permanent connection to your sump. Also ideal for transferring diesel between tanks or to fill small day tanks. Comes with mounting plates.
Grey Waste

Ball valve. Polypropylene with chrome ball. Available in sizes 3/4", 1" = 25mm, 11/4" = 32mm, or 11/2".
Male waste adaptor - Camlock style. Also available in 32mm.
To suit camlock fittings. Also available in 32mm #002877
GREEN Flexible grey water hose. Sold per 1/2 metre.
Hose tail connector. Also available in 25mm.
Fiamma40 Litre portable waste tank with level indicator. 45 deg angle adaptor is included. It is 81cm long x 41cm wide x 20cm deep.

This monitor does 2 water tanks as well as doing a battery test.

These pivot locks are used on shower doors on certain Jayco RVs.
John Guest

SA1213 12mm x 3/8"BSP, SA1214 12mm x 1/2"BSP. Chromed brass Boiler Connector.
SA1213B 12mm x 3/8"BSP, SA1214B 12mm x 1/2"BSP.
12mm Dia. x 12mm Dia.
12mm x 1/2"BSP chromed brass califont connector.
(GOF38) 3/8" x 3/8"BSP (GOF12) 1/2" x 1/2"BSP
12mm Dia. x 12mm Dia., 15mm Dia. x 15mm Dia.
12mm x 1/2"BSP
12mm Dia.
12mm Dia. x 3/8"BSF, 12mm Dia. x 1/2"BSPP, 15mm Dia. x 1/2"BSP.
12mm Dia. x 3/8"BSPT, 12mm Dia. x 1/2"BSPT, 15mm Dia. x 1/2"BSP.
12mm Dia. x 3/8"BSPT, 12mm Dia. x 1/2"BSPT.
NIP38 3/8" x 3/8"BSP NIP12 1/2" x 1/2"BSP
12mm available in Black and Red hose.
12mm Dia. x 15mm Dia. Stem.
12mm Dia. x 12mm Dia.
12mm Dia. x 12mm Dia , 15mm Dia. x 15mm Dia.
002642 12mm x 1/2"BSP 003064 3/4" Barb x 1/2"BSP
002355 12mm and 003328 15mm.
12mm Dia.

12V inline water pump. 6Lpm, comes with mounting bracket.
Self priming double action pump. Spare replacement parts available. Mounting hole: 33mm, Length below mounting surface: 220mm, Height from mounting surface: 115mm.
An easily installed in-line check valve for most pump systems, safeguarding against back-surge.
A very useful accessory which can be fitted into the pump suction line to help insure maintenance of prime. Particularly appropriate with electric pumps.
Black moulded nylon body with chrome plated brass handle & swivelling spout. Suitable for fresh or salt water. Output 1 litre per 15 strokes. Service kit available.
An extra quiet self priming-demand pump with built-in check valve & pre-set micro pressure switch. 12V, 5amp, 10.6 LPM, 45 PSI, 3.1 BAR. Also available in 24 Volts. EX 2088 SERIES..........
This is a 12v 2.6 AMP submersible pump with a bigger performance motor giving a greater water pressure. Just place the supersub inside the water tank. It is completely water sealed & being totally submerged, there are no priming problems. The Whale supersub works quietly & efficiently from a 12v DC supply.
This is a service kit for whale tip toe pumps MK2-4.
In-line 12 volt centrifugal pump, light enough to be suspended in the hose line. Sealed against casual water. Pump is not self-priming & must be gravity fed. Output of 10 litres per minute. Hose tails accept either 3/8" or 1/2" ID hose.
Designed for flush fitting in the floor. Plunger twist locks @ floor level when not in use. Self priming & double action. Produces 7 litres per minute through 13mm outlet. The installation requires a minimum of 160mm below the floor for mounting.
Sewage Waste

Camco sewer hoses are made from UV stabilized HTS, high tensile strength vinyl to minimize pinholes & other leaks caused by scrapes & abrasions of everyday use & transportation. Three wraps of vinyl & a steel wire core offer the best protection for the price, with the convenience of collapsible storage. Also comes in 20FT length.
Sewage Waste

This 3 inch Bladex waste valve has a stainless steel shaft, chemically resistant Santoprene seals and threaded handle for easy replacement.
Sewage Waste

Female, Male Thread Adaptor.
Sewage Waste

Takes 3" hose.
Suits Valterra fitting on a Thetford system.
Sewage Waste

Waste End Cap 3"
Sewage Waste

Sewer Connector.
Sewage Waste

For waste valve No. 580-01984

This inline mains water pressure controller reduces mains pressure to 50Psi. Combined city water entry, pressure regulator & check valve. Attaches directly to hose.
Designed for classic 2088 shurflo pumps & 4000 Etreme Series pumps. This is threaded.
This pressure regulator is wall or bulkhead mount. This model has 7 important features in 1 system. Built in regulator helps protect system against high water pressure damage. High pressure water reduced to a nominal 50-65Psi. Has a filter screen & Built-in check valve. One size fits all. Adaptor (#C6352C)
This is a quick change water filtration kit specially made with RVs in mind. Comes with 1/4" quick connect filter head with built in bracket. Disposable filter. Drinking water tap. Mounting screws & fittings.

This white plastic waste hole measures - cut out hole 33mm & hose ID 28mm.
40mm waste & 20mm outlet.
Straight waste & plug. 40mm & 20mm outlet.
Plastic 90 deg sink outlet. 25mm.

This magnesium anode rod is used in Suburban hot water heaters.It absorbs the corrosive action caused by hot water and prolongs the life of your water tank.
This 3/4 MPT pressure relief valve is for Suburban water heaters model # SW6PA, SW6DA & SW5EA.
This is a replacement service door for the suburban hot water system. It measures 380mm wide x 380mm high. There is a vent panel at the right hand side which measures 200mm wide x 290mm high.
Suburban SW6DEA

Capacity- 22.6 litres. Maximum Working Pressure- 850 kpa. Hourly Gas Consumption- 10.5 mj/hour. Test Point Pressure- 2.63 kpa. Jet Orifice Size- .95mm. Type of Heating Medium Recovery- 40 lt/hr 45*C rise. W 320mm x H 320mm x D 500mm. Porcelin lined high tensile steel tanks are pressure tested twice for assurance of tank integrity and a long life.

100mm wall mounted, attractive white hot and cold water shower mixer.
Folding spout and left hand handle.
Foulding spout and right hand handle.
Chrome shower mixer.
White shower mixer.
Chromed 90mm centre basin mixing faucet.
Plastic Drum Tap.
Trigger shower c/w with sleeve & hose. White hand piece. Chrome hose standard. Compatible with SD0100 shower support. Hose 1.5M.
Trigger shower c/w sleeve and hose. White hand piece. Chrome hose standard, white hose optional. Compatible with SD0100 shower support.
Pull out, adjustable flow c/w sleeve and hose. White only compantible with SD0100 shower support.

This is a 10 OR 20 metre long roll of drinking water HOSE. It is made from FOOD GRADE polyethelyne.
Flatout drinking water hoses are sold on a multi reel. They are available in 12 or 18M lengths. Its made of 100 per cent polyester with food grade inner, providing safe drinking water quality. The hose is easily wound up for tangle free storage.
Lockable water filler complette with cap & keys. White. 25mm outlet.
Available in white and in black.
Spare cap & keys for 800-00900. White.
Spare cap & keys. Black.
This water filler has a tube dia: 25mm & the flap that comes down over the hole measures 94mm.