RV Parts & Accessories

Chassis / Towing Equipment

Below is just a sample of the wide range of Chassis / Towing Equipment that White Heather has for your needs, for more details please contact us.

These square body jockey wheels have a seperate caster mechanism at the bottom of the inner body. This means they track well at any height. Dual wheels means more weight capacity. The wheels are closer to the centre line of the asembly, & the ground pressure is spread. The rocking axle allows the wheels to follow uneven ground. These are the best choice for heavy loads. Main parts hot dip galvanised. Handle folds away for less risk of damage. Cast iron lift nut & full depth thread for long wear life.
These are replacement parts for B & F Series jockey wheels.
Simple round body design for moderate loads,up to 150kg on the jockey wheel. Casters on the round inner stem. Main parts are hot dip galvanized. Wheel locks up out of the way of towing. Handle folds away for less risk of damage. Cast iron lift nut, & full depth thread for long wear life.
These jockey wheels have a square body, & a seperate caster mechanism. This means they track extremely well at any height. The caster locks when retacted to keep the wheel away from the ground when towing. The design is stronger & more compact than the F Series, & is a great choice for medium loads. Main parts are hot dip galvanized. Handle folds away for less risk of damage. Cast iron lift nut, & full depth thread for long wear life.
This is a sparewheel carrier with chain.

This coupling has been designed to safely tow trailers up to 3500kg GV/M. They are available in both 50mm & 1 7/8"(614020) tow ball sizes. They are comlette with a mechanical parking brake lever & meet NZ towing requirements.

Most AlKO corner steadies are suitable to be fitted with the ALKO Big Foot.
6" x 2" solid rubber wheel engaged in a fixed bracket allowing an easy swivelling action.
This is a round Alko brake magnet kit.
Caravan Corner Steadies also known as Caravan Park Legs #654500G AND Handle #654700
Corner Steady Handles.
Hex Drive Drop Down Style Caravan Steady.
Feature a pressed ring outer tube that engages positively in the retaining clamp, thereby eliminating any tendenct for the jockey wheel to slip. These jockey wheels have a solid 6" x 2" rubber wheel with a 1/2" axle bore.
This jockey wheel thrust bearing is made for Alko jockey wheels.
Handle for Alko Jockey Wheel.
This is a Alko oval brake magnet kit.
Bolt in hinged gate clamp for easy detachment of jockey wheel for touring.

Heavy duty. Works in 2 ways: Secures trailer when attatched to vehicle, secures trailer when not attatched to vehicle. Not recommended for use while towing vehicle.

These curved ball levels can either be permanently attatched or use the adhessive backing supplied. Comes in a pack of two.
Mount under RV entry steps for safety. Swings up & stores securely under RV step. Stabilises steps & helps keep caravan or motorhome from rocking. Takes up to 452kg in weight.
This is a 4 pack of stabilizer jack pads. They can be used with Stack Jacks. Swing Arm Support. Fits some 5th wheel jacks. Awning Support Rods.Has built in handles. Made of UV stabalized resin. Grid support for increased strength.
Set of two super strong Stabilizing Trailer Jacks with included handles. Maximum capacity per jack is 2722kg. Made of textured cast aluminium, corrosion resistant plated steel hardware. Extends 28 to 43cm.
Keep your vehicle & trailer from moving. Keep your trailer in place & rehitch with confidence. Solidly constructed & made of durable polypropylene with UV inhibitors. 44492.

Multi-purpose level reads two directions at the same time.
Universal Fitting. Adjusts with Vehicle Power mirror. Installs in seconds. Flat Glass. Storage bag included.
Prevents fl at spots. • Suitable tyre diameters 10”-20”. • Tyre Savers can be interlocked side by side for wider tyres. • Can still be used with most makes of wheel clamp. • Ideal for use as a ‘stop’ by bolting down to a garage fl oor. • Suitable for use with caravans, trailers, prestige cars or any vehicle that isn’t moved for long periods. Set of 2
Coupling Guide

Self aligning hassle free coupling accessory. Avoids vehicle damage. Can be fitted in minutes. Saves time on every hook-up.

Two pieces, chocks should be used with Level Ups to secure wheel when having long stopovers.
Practical self locking overlapping system that can raise height Max axle weight 14 tons. Ideal for twin tyres. comes packed as a pair. Measures 58cm L x 25.5cm W x 12cm H

Two pieces which are able to hold a maximum weight of 8tonnes, suitable for wider surfaces and easier to drive up. Ideal for motorhomes.49CM L X 20CM W X 9CM H.
Level Up Plus Ramps are ideal for motorhomes, the only one of the range that reaches 13cm high, suitable for big vehicles. Made of UV resistant polyethelene construction.
Two pieces which hold the maximum weight of 8 tonnes each, OR #450-00420 Mini which takes 5, ideal for caravans. Now Orange.
Suitable for small vehicles only. These are pushed fimly under front and rear of each tyre(two for each wheel).

This is a 50mm blind spot mirror. See things you would not be able to see. Be safe.

This white end cap is for Jayco Discovery.
This is a single pull out galvanized step. Maeaures 300mm deep x 530mm long x 170mm high.
Wheel cap white for Jayco steel wheel rims.
This is a white single wheel spat for Jayco caravan. Also available in blue C1957A.
This single wheel spat is for Jayco Discovery.
This single wheel spat is for a Jayco Heritage.
This tandem wheel spat is for a Jayco Heritage.
This is a tandem wheel spat for Sterling caravan.
This is a tandem blue wheel spat for jayco caravans. Also available in white.

This mirror is made from the highest quality components. It has an extra large stainless steel head. It extends from 330mm to 470mm. The mirror is mounted on the door for extra stability while travelling.

A totally proportional electric trailer brake control, the primus IQ is self levelling so no level adjustment necassary. Utilizes "Plug-N-Play" port for 2 adapters. Self diagnostic features will illuminate LED readout when issues occur. Includes a boost feature. Works proportionally in reverse.

This is a flat 7 pin female socket. B5U.
This plug holder suits the 7 pin male flat plug.
This is a 13" galvanised wheel rim. The stud pattern is 5 x 41/2". The width is 5". The inside offset is 85mm.
This is a 14" galvanised rim. The stud pattern is 5 x 4 1/2". The width is 5 1/2". Inside off set size 95MM.
Dual use feature: Secures your trailer when parked - attatched to your vehicle. Secures your trailer when parked - not attatched to your vehicle.
this Trojan Load Leveller is a weight distribution hitch which fits onto the draw bar of the trailer and is connected to the vehicles tow bar by way of two parabolic springs.
This adjusts your Load Leveller chains with ease.
This Trojan Load Leveller evenly distributes weight over the entire length of the tow vehicle and trailer, resulting in a level ride with more control and stability, better braking, less strain on the vehicle and increased towing capacity.
Dual friction brake pad system provides constant and adjustable sway reduction. Secures with socket and spring clip connectors.Minimises trailer sway caused by high winds, curving roads or sudden maneuvers.
This towball is 50mm x 1" x 50mm. There are also other sizes available.
This is a flat 7 pin male plug. B4U.
This tow ball has a ball size of 50mm the shank diamater & length is 7/8" x 50mm the load capacity is 3500kg. It is made of chrome. Various other sizes available.

Pack of five caravan and camper stabiliser leg support bases, also suitable for jockey wheels (6") and stabiliser jacks. Centre well enables jockey wheel to remain stable, and moat prevents ants from climbing stabiliser leg.