RV Parts & Accessories

Awning / Camping Equipment

Below is just a sample of the wide range of Awning / Camping Equipment that White Heather has for your needs, for more details please contact us.

6. 901020, 901020W. 7. 901046, 901046W. 8. 901017, 901017W. 9. 901015, 901015W. 12. R00405. 13. 901022. 14. 902801W. 15. 901019, 901019W. 18. 901018, 901018W. 20. R00925WHT, R00926WHT. 21. R00923WHT, R00924WHT. 25. R022406-001.
This is a replacement spring for spring tent poles.
Maxi curved roof rafter. ( including bracket). Helps to reduce wind flap & water pooling.
This is a 22mm plastic tube clip for the top of tent poles etc.
This pole plate stops your poles going into the ground. Gives a nice base for poles to sit in. You can also peg it down for more stability.
Great for Caravanning, Camping or Home use. Compact and lightweight, folds flat for easy storage and is 100% Recyclable.
Rope splice clips are available in various sizes.
This rubber tent tensioner ring measures 50x60mm.
Threaded 22mm pole spigot.
This tent pole spigot is 22mm. Also available in other sizes.
Awning Maintenance

A revolutionary dry powder developed to work chemically to remove all organic stains such as mildew, mold & other fungus as well as removing dirt & brightening all soiled materials. Not suitable for silk, leather or wool. 454gr jar makes 15 litres.
A water based treatment that will restore a water repellent finish and inhibit mildew growth on all used canvas goods. Do not apply to new canvas - it is unnecessary and may lead to impairment of appearance. BradProof will slightly whiten dark colours. In stock 2Lts and 5Ltrs

This tent single ring & pin set comes in a packet of 2. Double ring sets also available.
Tent pole collar 22mm.
These tent pole springs come in a pack of 4.

Protect your RV awning from costly rips and tears while preventing noisy wind flapping. De Flapper holds securely with loop and hook fastener straps. Made of durable nylon with uv stabilisers chemically resistant and rust proof.
Full size broom that telescopes down to store compactly. Has soft bristles and head can be adjusted to different angles for maximum cleaning, comes complete with dust pan.
Fabric party light holders. Sturdy fabric tabs with grommets easily slide into awning roller bar channel to hold lights, wind chimes & more. The set contains 7 S hooks & straps.

Plastic roller fits to leading edge of main door to protect annexe/awning from damage.

To keep awning arms secure during travel. For most roll up awnings.
We have this bottom awning bracket in white. It suits the Spirit FX, Fiesta & Simplicity roll up awnings.
This is a rafter brace knob & clamp for Carefree Spirit FX, Fiesta & Simplicity roll up awnings.
Attatches to upper brace arm of Carefree Awnings Spirit FX & Fiesta.
For Carefree 12V one touch, Spirit FX, Fiesta & Simplicity Plus roll up awnings.
For Carefree Spirit FX, Fiesta & Simplicity Plus roll up awnings.
This is for centre rafter of Carefree awning.
This is a replacement rafter pin for Carefree awnings.
This remote lock is for Carefree awnings Spirit FX & Fiesta patio awnings from 1999 onwards. Will fit universal hardware only.
To eliminate rattling on all roll up awnings.
For Carefree Spirit FX, & Fiesta roll up awnings.
Carefree awning top bracket for Spirit FX, Fiesta & Simplicity roll up awnings.
Coast To Coast

A new larger version of the original De Flapper. It has wider grippers to keep awnings even more stable in the wind or rain. Comes in a pack of 2.

This Ezywash Manual Rotary washing machine features a wash capacity of 2.0Kgs, with as wash action which ensures that the dirtiest wash loads are cleaned easily.

Sturdy, light weight and compact. Size H230mm x W500mm x D355mm.
Make sure you secure your awning. Freak winds can destroy your awning in seconds. The tie down kit has 11M strap, 2 pegs, 1 spring. A small price to pay for peace of mind.
OZ Trail

Made of lightweight alloy.Weighs 3kg. Collapsible. Rotary. Measures 1350 x 1350 x 1400mm.

This camping hook is made of tough polycarbonate. Ideal for hanging things in your awning & other places.